April 1 – Take an Environmental Online Course

In recent years, the environment has experienced problems like never before such as climate change. These problems if not managed and prevented may lead to the destruction of the world and life as we know it will come to an end.

There is a huge gap in our communities whereby people are not environmentally conscious, aware or even educated and this has contributed to environmental degradation. Taking a free online class is the step in the right direction. It will bring about knowledge which one can share and also practice in everyday life. It will also bring about changed behaviour with how
people interact and treat the environment. Change needs to start with us as community members.

Sign up for a free online environmental courses and be part of the global solution towards taking care of the environment. Courses are offered at different levels and vary in course completion duration.

There are different websites in which one can sign up for classes such as:

Introductory course “Climate Change: The Science and Global Impact”

There are 8 modules with readings and videos, with a discussion board to engage the professor and other students, as well as written assessments. This course is self-paced, which means you can complete the content anytime.


Climate change and Gender

This is a self paced course with 8 modules, run by the United Nations. 


Free courses from the Open University: these are short courses from 2 to 20 hours, there are a lot of different subjects available. 


Different level studies: Study.com provides classes at levels which vary from high school level to Masters degrees and beyond. It is convenient because it allows for people to learn without registering. The site also allows for one to study at their own pace. 


University level courses: Edx.org provides several university level courses. From Bachelors to Masters degree. Classes provided are self paced. 


Environmental science courses. University short courses. You can take a short course over a period of weeks, with a few hours per week. Check this website for starting dates and length of course. 



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