All Creatures Great and Small at St George’s Cathedral

All Creatures Great and Small at St George’s Cathedral

Violet the cart horse led the procession as St George’s Cathedral in Capetown celebrated the feast of St Francis with the blessing of animals great and small! Her good friend Kamalie joined the procession at St Stephen’s Pinelands.

The feast of St Francis is a day of giving thanks to God for our companion animals. it is a day of giving thanks for this wonderful web of creation that we are part of, but it is also a day to weep for our guilt. According to the WWF, in the last 40 years two thirds of river creatures have been wiped out and 40% of sea and land animals. Today also marks the Day of Farmed animals as we remember and confess the cruel treatment of animals raised for food.14440806_1794275510845609_6718927222218323533_n 14441063_1794277304178763_7741401827942903072_n 14446070_1794293064177187_6077448581096515448_n 14448795_1794295207510306_7248558987959353781_n 14448983_1379475522086024_3405648001408063792_n 14449823_988403091281970_8407995173299477964_n 14449895_1794275824178911_1461032832261753396_n 14462891_10154540890436585_8794184997113994016_n 14463043_1794274990845661_2661171724328494078_n 14463047_10154540890971585_4155254452454515222_n 14463050_1794292454177248_8937887935179043302_n 14463109_1379475085419401_5417993793082605997_n 14469463_1794293634177130_39366115123608337_n 14469581_10154540891291585_4957879893938980911_n

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