A prayer walk/hike amidst of covid-19

2020 has been a daunting year spiritually, physically, mentally and more especially financially.

This year alone we have witnessed such a high rise in number of deaths, cases of gender based violence especially femicide, job loss, as if that was not enough we continue to witness the brutal killing of children and also adaption (which we believe to be associated with human trafficking).

So as expected young people have been under a lot of strain, the hope of finishing school ‘in
due course’, of finding a job or even keeping one has been wearing down on them a lot. It is out of these reasons that youth of St Raphael’s (Sobantu, Pietermartizburg) decided to embark on a journey of seeking God’s intervention while experiencing nature. Joined in the hike were young people from Prince of Peace parish (Inanda), St Mary’s (Hammersdale), St Paul’s (Durban), St Faith’s (Durban), St Andrew’s (Clermont) and St Saviour’s (Ntuzuma) The hike took place at Giba gorge (Pine town) on the prayer items,; depression was the top of the list, self-worth and employment followed.

Each obstacle conquered a prayer was said. Lessons learnt were that we all need each other to succeed, also that God gives us strength no matter how much our hearts and minds want to give up.

We recommend that other young people embark on these hiking trails not only to see God’s
beauty but also to move away from the noise and buzz and find a quiet place to pray while
surrounded by creation.

Mandisa Gumada
Diocesan children and youth ministry coordinator
Diocese of Natal (ACSA)

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