27 February: Try organic

Lasarus Ngube, Namibia “The Earth finds her beauty in trees, plants, and animals. Growing and planting them is clothing her in beauty. Growing plants, planting vegetables, and caring for animals is preserving life, beauty, and the completeness of creation. Let’s be pro-life.

Try organic. Buy organically grown produce, which is produced without the most harmful pesticides and fertilizers.


Organic foods are produced without use of the most harmful pesticides and fertilizers. Organic standards are regulated by country, and the organic labelis seen as a reliable indicator that the food has been produced to standard.

Buying organic meat, dairy, and produce does more than just reduce poisonous chemicals in our lands and waters. It also sends an important signal to markets that a sizable group of consumers favors regulation and creation care.

Buying organic food is a vote in favor of human systems that preserve and protect creation.

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