26 February: Nurture nature

Charles Bakolo , Malawi “In the past, the land was so fertile that we did not even need fertiliser twice to harvest something. What has changed? The land is still the same but we are not able to harvest enough anymore.”

Nurture nature in your garden. Avoid chemical fertilizers and chemicals, which do grave long-term harm to the soil and waters. Instead, fertilize with mulch, compost, and manure, and use natural methods to remove pests.


Rich soil is the basis for successful food production and a beautiful example of the connectedness of all life in our common home. Soil is a complex ecosystem of organisms and nutrients, and the health of that system significantly affects the garden plants that grow in it. Healthier soil leads to higher yields.

Boost soil health by contributing to its web of life. Add manure, leaf mulch, or compost to your garden. These methods work with the natural systems of creation, rather than against them, and can occasion prayerful reflection on the work of tending God’s earth.

You may want to say a prayer like this to bless your tending of the soil:

We ask you, Lord, to bless the soil that nourishes new life in this ground and in this community. Help us to look in awe at the mysteries of your work not yet seen. Help us to appreciate the nourishment of your earth and use it wisely.

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