24 March: Pledge to care for creation

Maria Paula Vega, Ecuador “Pledging to protect creation has helped me better care for our common home. A pledge is a promise, a commitment that I have made to my creator and my community, and something that I deeply want to uphold. My pledge means a great deal to me.”

Pledge to care for creation. Pledge to pray, act, and advocate for creation. Learn more at LiveLaudatoSi.org


Rejoice! As we enter Holy Week, take a moment to reflect on your Lenten journey. Throughout Lent, you have repented of your harm to our common home and taken real steps to live more simply.

Take a moment to meditate on how those actions have deepened your relationships with creation, God, and your community.

Continue your walk towards living in harmony with the Creator and creation Pledge to pray, live simply, and advocate at livelaudatosi.org. When you pledge, you’ll receive resources to put your faith into action and join a global community of people who are dedicated to protecting our common home.

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