24 February: Recycle

Julio Reis, Portugal “It hurts me to see the waste that flows down our rivers into the ocean, because we should be blessing God’s creation and making it flourish–not hiding all the wonder and beauty in it under so much litter.”

Recycle. Recycling avoids harmful ocean pollution. Recycling glass, plastic, paper, and aluminum is possible in many areas. If recycling facilities do not exist in your area, contact municipal authorities about providing them.


Recycling makes best use of the materials we have extracted from the Earth. If you do not already recycle, investigate what facilities are available in your area, and make a plan with the members of your household or parish to recycle fully as much as you are able.

If you already recycle, set aside time for prayerful celebration with your household or parish. Take a moment to rejoice in your shared work to protect creation, and ensure that nothing is discarded that could be diverted to the recycling bin.

To guide your conversations, reflect on this statement from former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams:

“God is involved in ‘building to last’, in creating a sustainable world and sustainable relationships with us human beings. He doesn’t give up on the material of human lives. He doesn’t throw it all away and start again. . . . God doesn’t do waste.”

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