23 February: Ditch Plastic

Mncedisi Masuku, Swaziland “I saw a cow in the street eating a plastic bag. It broke my heart and I decided to organise a clean-up in my town Mbabane.” 

Ditch plastic. Tote a small bag in your pocket or purse for impromptu purchases, and always take your cloth bag to the market


In Pope Francis’ 2016 message for the World Day for Care of Creation, which is also celebrated in the Anglican Communion, among the members of the World Council of Churches, and in many other faith traditions, the pope renewed his plea that we “avoid the use of plastic.”

Plastics are most often made from fossil fuels, especially crude oil. Its continued use supports the industry that is most responsible for human-caused climate change. As importantly, plastic trash is pervasive and detrimental.

Respond to faith leaders’ call to drop plastic by identifying one or two uses that you can eliminate from your daily routine, or set a goal of completely avoiding the use of plastic for a set period of time. If you do use plastic, be sure to recycle it

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