220 cashew trees to fight erosion

220 cashew trees were planted in Chambone Mission  in Maxixe as part of the Greening of Maxixe Urban Area project.

The tree planting took place in  collaboration with the Maxixe City Council and OJM-Mozambican Youth Organization (Maxixe),

The trees were planted  in the residential and coastal area of the Chambone Mission …. The activity is aimed at mitigating the effects of erosion that worryingly rages this Zone. 36 Young people took part in the activity, of which 2 Councilmen and 6 OJM members. The 28 are part of Anglican Youth, members of Green Anglicans – Inhambane

Cashew trees are indigenous. They help to reduce deforestation as people do not cut them down for firewood since they give cashews for food and for income to sell

Rev Aurelio Uqueio, Environmental Coordinator, Diocese of Lebombos, Mozambique

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