Launch of ‘Water Disciple’ Programme


A new programme was launched on World Water Day in Cape Town, called “Water Disciples”. Twenty five young people from six different denominations are going to journey together for a year, exploring issues of water , faith and action in Cape Town. This is part of the #together4creation movement of young people of different churches committed to caring for Creation

Cape Town suffered a very severe drought for three years and almost reached ‘day zero’ when all the taps would have been turned off. The citizens learned to treasure and save and protect their water and managed to push back Day Zero until the rains came.
However many people put in bore holes, which means that there is now a long term danger that the aquifers and groundwater may drop its level. Once people have installed a bore hole they often feel that they can use as much as they want.

On this programme, the young people will explore the water systems of Cape Town, from the mountain springs to the aquifers, the rivers, the wetlands  and the ocean.

They will then feed back into their communities by organising clean ups, planting trees and organising educational events for the youth and Sunday School in their own churches, teaching others about the importance of caring for groundwater.

The launch event took place at Edith Stevens nature reserve, where Stacey Hendricks taught them about the importance of wetlands, and Rev Shaun Cozett commissioned and prayed for them as they start the programme.

The programme is run in partnership with WWF

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