16 March: Practice agro-ecology in water use

Paulo Ueti, Brazil “In the Amazon, it is estimated that almost 70 percent of the region is affected by the changing climate. When there is a drought, rivers disappear and communities become isolated , making communication and travel impossible. It is predicted that these dry periods will become more frequent. We are committed by faith to agro-ecology that helps to protect the environment.”

Practice agro-ecology in water use. Water your garden in the evening or early morning, when the water evaporates less. Use a drip hose instead of a large nozzle. Install landscaping that suits the natural rainfall in your area.


Tending a garden is a wonderful way to connect with the gift of creation. Irrigating your garden wisely ensures that the water you use goes to the plants you grow and is not wasted.

  • Use a rain barrel instead of the tap.
  • Water in the evening or just before dawn, when water will not evaporate as quickly.
  • Lay a sprinkler hose along your garden rows instead of spraying.
  • Provide a cover of mulch to prevent evaporation and shade roots.
  • Reuse “gray” water from the shower or dish basin.

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