15 March: Wash dishes wisely

David Junior, Mozambique “The Chokwe district has huge agricultural potential since it is crossed by the Limpopo river. In the past, this area supplied major markets of the country. But because of increasing floods and droughts, we cannot irrigate in the same way. Due to our water problems, the agricultural area has shrunk by almost 75%.”

Wash dishes wisely. Reuse the water in a dishpan or stoppered sink to scrub loose food.


Washing your dishes can be an opportunity to reflect on the privilege of having water and the sacred responsibility to steward it. There are several ways to reduce your water use while washing dishes:

  • If washing by hand, use a basin or stopped sink while scrubbing and use fresh water only to rinse. Reuse the dirty water in your garden.
  • If washing in the dishwasher, wash only when the machine is completely full and avoid use of the heated drying option.

As you wash, reflect on this brief statement from Brother Lawrence, a 17th-century monk who spent his life washing dishes: “We must work towards making every action, without exception, into a kind of brief conversation with God — not in any artificial way, but purely, simply.”

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