The Anglican youth of the Diocese of Swaziland held its biggest braai on the 28th July 2018. The purpose of the braii is to unite the Anglican youth, networking, and enjoying themselves in the presence of God as brothers and sisters in the church. The Anglican Youth of Eswatini is passionate about the environment and God’s creation. This year’s biggest braai was held in in Mlilwane Nature Reserve in the beauty of God’s creation. Interactive games were the order of the day while wild animals were moving up and down some scaring and disturbing the games which was however enjoyed by the youth to be interacting with nature as well.

Different categories were made available for awards winning and the youth voted for each category. Among the different categories awarded were the best dressed group. Three colours were dominating in the gathering being Team Pink (representing Anglican Student Federations), Team Black (representing our Green Anglicans) and Team Black and white which were individuals on their own attire but looking uniform without prior arrangement. Team Black and White won the award. Being Green Anglicans is not always about clean-up campaigns or planting trees but it is also about enjoying God’s presence in the beauty of his creation and getting connected to it.

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