Youth in the Diocese of Free State are going green!

Youth in the Diocese of the Free State are going green!

The Diocese of the Free State declared the Environment the Third Mark of Mission in their recent Synod. Bino Makhalanyane, who is the new President of the Anglican Youth of Southern Africa, got to hear about the Green Anglican Environmental Network and invited them to attend the end of year strategic planning for the Diocesan Youth. They wanted to relook at their current Aims and Goals in the light of environmental challenges. The Youth of Diocese of Free State wanted to know about the Young Green Anglicans movement and to discuss what ideas could they initiate so they as the entire Diocesan Youth

The Green Anglicans decided to go as a team rather than just sending one person and took a road trip from Cape Town to the Free State.  They assisted the Diocesan Youth leaders to come up with programmes, ideas and challenges not only for the Anglican churches but also for the communities they represent.  A key part of the presentation was looking at the Municipality of Mangaung’s report , which identified local environmental challenges, in particular the shortage of water. This helped to make the presentation more relevant.

“We as the young people within the Diocese of Free State will take the motion of including a portfolio to address Environmental issues with in the Diocese”- Chaplain of AYM


Jonathan Hobosch, young Green Anglican intern

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