Youth Day – Young People lead the struggle for the Environment


In 1976 the protests were led by young people. Now young people are taking up the challenge of environmental degradation and climate change and taking back their future.

KwaMsindisi Anglican Youth (Flagstaff) from the Holy Cross Archdeaconry in the Diocese of Umzimvubu decided to commemorate the Youth of 1976 and took it to the streets.
We thank God for such wonderful, driven young people, dedicated into making sure our environment is animal and human friendly. Our clean up campaign led to a daunting challenge to clean up our surrounds.. At times we were faced up with broken glasses which limited our drive, some were expired food with killing smells and even human waste which is quite sad to say the least!

But with a team of dedicated Servers, Girls and Boys Friendly Society (GBFS) members, Young People and one AWF member we were all geared up and determined to do something positive instead of relaxing at home or wearing school uniform but do nothing positive. We started the day with a prayer outside the church rectory as we held hands Miss Mandisa Gumada sang “Yesu Langa lomphefumlo akumnyama xa ukhoyo” We then prayed together asking the Almighty to lead the way that we should follow.

In consultation with our local Solid Waste Department of iNgquza Hill Local municipality an area of urgent concern was identified. This is an area where trucks deliver stocks to the retail shops in town, so you can imagine the amount of plastics, boxes and glass stashed up. We had initially set up to clean just that area but as we walked around we saw yet another dump place just opposite salons where salon waste full of hair pieces, loads and loads of boxes were stashed there some had all the smelly hair relaxers on them.

After a whole 3 hours, all was said and done, God came through for us, the rain which started in the morning had stopped giving us a rather chilly-windy but manageable weather, our local municipality solid department came through for us and provided us with masks, refuse bags and rakes also a truck for collection after we had finished. Dr Gcaza-Mazibu offered a donation of gloves, so did the Dweba family with more gloves, ausi Tandi and Sceza (Parish AWF) made donations towards food and our parish KwaMsindisi Anglican Church (Flagstaff) gave a generous donation towards Youth Braai and lastly the heroes of the day, young people themselves.

We ended the day with a feast of braai around a table of laughter and cheering (John 3:16) SITHANDIWE later on a fun filled banner creating session using a white piece of cloth, colorful paints and our hands writing “Green Youth”
L e s t w e f o r g e t (inspire before you expire) Bravoooooo‪#‎AnglicanYouthOfSouthernAfrica‬ this ‪#‎YouthDay2016‬
100% ‪#‎GreenAnglican‬
Mandisa Darkie Gumada

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