Youth and Sunday School Training in George Diocese

Manual Training in the Diocese of George

On the 27 July 2019 a Youth Leader and Sunday School Teachers workshop took place in the Diocese of George, which was led by Bino Makhalanyane and John-Paul Roberts (JP). The workshop was hosted by the parish of St Alban’s in Pacaltsdorp. The training was an eye opener for many who came to realise the impact of climate change on the world of today.

The workshop started off with a devotion from Fr. James, where everyone was challenged to think about how we treat creation. This was then followed up by a video and a bible study around restoration.

The youth leaders’ manual training was led by Bino. It was a time of interaction as they looked at areas where mankind have hurt earth in local communities. The group learned on how best they can make use of the new Care for Creation Youth manual, the five T’s (Tune-in, Touch, Talk, Think & Review, Take-action).

The Sunday school teachers’ manual training was led by JP and was a time of social interaction in the forms of discussion. Covering the purpose of the manual and the structure for weekly lessons. It was a great time of sharing whereby teachers, shared their desires and struggles and how the manual will help.

The weekend ended off on a high as the Sunday Eucharist at St. Alban’s was about Biodiversity to close off their Season of Creation. This was so fitting especially with the regards to the training that took place the day before.

We would like to say a big thank you Fr. Edwin and the church wardens for allowing us to come and use the church, and a special thank you to Jermaine for helping the Green Anglican team. May God continue to flourish your community with many blessings as you continue to do the work that you do. JP Roberts

We appreciate the support of CTEET and the Table Mountain fund for this programme

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