Rev Makhosini conducted a workshop and retreat for young people in the Diocese of Saldanha Bay. He shared life skills with the young people from a theme from the book of Matthew equipping the participants with ways of dealing with the challenges of growing up in the modern world.  He challenged young people on how to take care of themselves as young stewards of God. The workshop was attended by different Youth guilds (Anglican Youth Fellowship, Girls and Boys Friendly Society and Bernard Mizeki Men’s Guild) from five perishes in the archdeaconry of Bellville and Paarl.

Green Anglicans was invited to share with the young people about care for creation and being a young Green Anglicans. The presentation started with a drama that portrayed God as an artist who gave his wonderful painting (the world) to humans with a command to take care of it. In the story humans destroy the painting by drawing factories, roads, building as well as replacing trees and grazing velds with landfills. A lot of talent and participation was shown by the youth that present. We  learnt so much from the participants and had an opportunity identify movers and shakers that could assist in spreading the ministry.

We would like to thank Rev Maci for his brilliant role in teaching young people about life values and the importance of taking care of the creation.  All the best for the youth as they are starting their journey as Young Green Anglicans. Percy Matanda


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