Young Green Anglicans hike Table Mountain

Young Green Anglicans From Top left: Nolufefe, Vuyani, Zadile, Nora & Pumeza

Hikes are often described as steep fun adventures that allow time to connect with God through creation, nature and that is exactly how I would describe the experience Young Green Anglicans had on Saturday the 24th of January 2015.  Over forty young people gathered at Table Mountain lower cable car station where the hike was set to begin, a striking image of young people ready to take on a  journey through nature.  The hike started from the end of parking zone on Tafelberg road right through the rocks and contour paths of Devils Peak to the midst of the trees deep in the Newlands forest. Contrary to normal hikes this trail was gentle going down which made it easy for the participants to focus on the plants and bizarre crawling animals rather than being tired.

Green Anglicans from left: JJ, Willie, Gavin, Bridgette, Viola, Rev Rachel, Gershwin

The hike was led by Neil Adams and Tony Van Niekerk, who made it very exciting for the participants often sharing their knowledge about the trail as well as different plantations that could be found around the mountains. Upon arrival at Newlands forest, Rev Rachel Mash shared a word on the importance of mountains as well as preservation of forests. We reflected on our spiritual life, that we need to put our roots deep down into God in order to grow tall in our faith.

Newlands Forest is a particularly well maintained area with its wooden boardwalks and elevated picnic area amongst the trees where all the young people sat and regained their strength. We finally shared a bring and share braai  prepared by the Zonnebloem Cottage family, all embracing the day. It was incredible filled with laughter, joy and lots of energy and we could have not been so impressed if it was not for the dazzling creation our living God took time to bring into being and make it so beautiful.

Come and join us on the Green Anglicans  hikes for the year:

18th April – Lions head  (medium)

27th June – Table Mountain Platteklip  Gorge – (tough hike!)

3rd Oct –  Constantia Nek with  DYC  (medium tough) See you there!

Ncumisa Magadla – Green Anglicans

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