Young Green Anglicans, Diocese of Pretoria



The young people of the diocese of Pretoria met at St James Soshanguvhe for an environmental day. Starting with a clean-up, the young people went around the local school picking up litter and into the streets surrounding the church. Following that successful exercise, they started a vegetable garden inside the church premises in hope to supply, events and their youth functions with veggies.

During lunch time they sat around discussing environmental challenges they are facing in their living areas and what actions could be taken to combat those. They also talked about the obstacles they may face when presenting their ideas in parishes and that’s when the presentation came in handy.

IMG_20151010_111750The Young Green Anglicans presentation was done and the focus was on theory of change, introducing change of lifestyle and environmental ministry in our churches. We discussed ways of approach and which activities to do when people are starting out. We finished with a plan of action for the youth especially the ones based in Soshanguve.

They committed on the following campaigns

  • Clean up
  • Environmental services
  • Vegetable gardens
  • Tree planting
  • Environmental education

-Ncumisa Magadla


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