Web of life, Huh? Diocese of Johannesburg Clergy figure it out


Bishop Steve Moreo of the Diocese of Johannesburg hosted a clergy day on the 4th of August 2015. One of the main subjects for the day was to enlighten all the diocesan priests about the importance of environmental ministry in spiritual growth as well as the relationship between theology and creation.  Vincent Letale, Green Anglicans intern based in the diocese together with Noeleen Mullet from the Johannesburg Anglican Environmental Initiative (JAEI) presented on starting Eco-congregations.  Beginning with “Web of Life” an exciting game, the priests got to understand the eco-system and how each depends on the other.

The clergy responded positively and were ready to take the care for creation concept back to their parishes.  With the help of youth who just had a full on environmental camp, the priest will have channel of bringing the environmental ministry.



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