Water Disciples meets Danish Ambassador

Following the devastating drought in Cape Town that almost led to Day Zero- when all the taps would be turned off, WWF have started a project to educate people about the importance of protecting groundwater.

The initiative involves school education (via Greenpop), ground water monitoring, and Green Anglicans were invited to bring the faith aspect of protecting and valuing water. They started a program with youth of different churches called “water disciples”. The program is supported by the Danish Embassy.

On the 9th of April, a few members of the Water Discipleship programme were invited to be part of a tour at Kirstenbosch gardens where we were fortunate enough to meet the Danish Ambassador.

It was a beautiful summer day, and the day started off with everyone receiving a welcome pack before we had a welcome and introduction by Klaudia Schacht, WWF project co-ordinator. We then walked around Kirstenbosch and stopped at various spots in the garden, whereby all parties that are involved with the groundwater awareness campaign were able to share what their plans on creating awareness around the issue. Presentations ranged from the aspect of researching to IT systems to implementation of school programmes, as well as faith.

Our presentation focused on the need of connecting our faith with caring for the cycle of water and the desire to see the church rise up in standing for protecting this precious resources. We also had one of the disciples Jamie Plaatjies share what she has learnt from the programme so far and why she joined the Water Discipleship Programme.

The day ended with a talk by the Ambassador Tobias Elling Rehfeld, who shared the role of the Danish Embassy in supporting  such a project, after which we then had lunch. The day was filled with opportunities for networking as we got to engage with one another and share valuable insights and knowledge about our various views and projects.

The Water Discipleship Programme continues until next year and we look forward to the continued support of the WWF and the Danish Embassy as we look to create awareness and impact communities.

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