Springs of living water

On Saturday the 8th of May 2021, a group of 25 Water Disciples set out on a hiking trail from Constantia Nek to Kirstenbosch led by Neil Adams. We had a squad song that went like this: “Together, Everyone Can do More ‘ (TEAM) ”.

The hike was an educational hike in which we learned more about the water and dams found on Table Mountain. The indigenous name for Cape Town was ‘Camissa’ which means the place of the sweet waters. It was the springs of living water from the mountain that made this such as important place.  We have discovered that some of the rocks of the mountain are permeable, allowing water to pass through, so that it soaks down into the groundwater. When water hits a level of impermeable rock, a spring is formed.. During the 2017 drought there were long queues at Newlands springs, which never dried up even through the drought.

While on the hike ,we participated in a variety of events. One of the activities was for us to go up and down a steep hill while running. We made it as a team, despite the difficulties of the challenge.

Before beginning the walk, we were asked to choose a  hiking partner  (these would  be ones  partner throughout the hike). We had to discovered who the person is, what they enjoy, and what they hope to get from the hike. My companion expressed his desire to experience God’s grace and embrace God’s creation.

When we reached a beautiful waterfall we took time to reflect on Isaiah 49:10- “They would not hunger or thirst, nor will the desert heat or the sun beat down on them as we neared the end of the trek. He who has mercy on them will take them to springs of water and direct them.”

In terms of our spiritual life , we are often dependant on the rivers or lakes – such a large lively church services, conferences, praise and worship. But during COVID we cannot do these. So where does our spiritual living water come from? It must come from the groundwater of our faith – we must learn to drink from our own spiritual wells of prayer and Bible reading.

Ultimately, the hike was a lot of fun, informative, and packed with the presence of God. We took a lot of photos and made a lot of memories. In between walks, we sang a team tune. We had snacks as well, and we finished with a prayer.

By Ms Siyamthanda Mlobi

We are appreciative of the support of WWF South Africa for this Groundwater Education Programme

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