Verde no meu habitat – Angolan Youth take up the challenge of Creation care

Angolan Problems need Angolan Solutions – Verde no meu Habitat

330 young people from the Diocese of Angola gathered for a four day conference in the province of Uige, the first conference with Mr. Massala’s as Diocesan Youth President.

During the conference Bino Makhalanyane the Provincial Anglican Youth of Southern Africa (AYSA) President and Green Anglicans Youth Coordinator gave a workshop titled: “Angolan problems, need Angolan solutions”. During the session young people were divided into groups where using the problem tree methodology, others had to identify common problems affecting youth ministry within the church and other groups focused on environmental issues faced Diocese. Each group then had to look at the causes and the impact of this problem. Lastly look at how the problem could be addressed.  This was to show the youth that they should not wait on someone from another country to come and address their problems but should use the wisdom God gave to all of us.

A team of 40 young people responsible for environment within the Diocese said this would help them come up with an implementation plan on the drafted working document they have  produced called “Verde No Meu Habitat” (Green in my Habitat).

On Sunday 19 January the city hall was filled to capacity with over 2000 people in attendance the Diocesan Bishop gave his last official address as Diocesan Bishop as he plans for retirement in 2021, wishing them well going forward and affirming that young people play a vital role in the live of the church and their opinions do matter .

In his closing remarks on Sunday 19 January  the AYSA President said : “ To the deputy governor : young people are ready to take  your country to the next level, to the Diocesan Bishop : thank you for your support , prayers and compassion for youth , and to all young people : the conference shared so much information and skills now it’s time to go and implement “.

Bino Makalanyane

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