March 7 – Use your own water bottle


 Jesus answered , “If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water.” John 4:10

A million plastic bottles are bought around the world every MINUTE! This is about 20,000 plastic bottles per second. The numbers have doubled in the last decade. If placed end to end these plastic bottles would reach the sun. Although bottles can be recycled, less than half are recycled globally and only ten percent in Africa , so must end up in landfill or the ocean.

Up to 13 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the oceans and is eaten by sea birds, fish and other creatures. By 2050 the Oceans will contain more plastic than fish. Some of that plastic is already finding its way into the human food chain, as tiny micro-plastic particles.

Bottled water brands have poured millions into convincing us that their water is the healthiest, safest option. Yet research shows that bottled water is subject to far lest strict safety tests than tap water. We have been conned.  We are spending hard earned money on bottled water which can cost up to 1000 times more than the water we can use from a tap.


You can make a personal commitment today to never again buy bottled water when there is a safe tap water option.

It takes a little forward planning to remember to carry your reusable water bottle every day, but like any habit, once it’s easy after a little practice.

#lessplasticforlent #careforcreation #beatplasticpollution


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