The Lesotho Anglican Youth Federation (LAYF) is going greeeeen!


The Diocesan Youth of Lesotho gathered in Quting for their annual Youth Conference. A large and very vibrant group of  some three hundred young people gathered to pray, worship, build fellowship and learn together.

Some of the visitors to the conference included the Provincial Chair Person Bino Makhalanyane and Provincial Environmental Coordinator – Rev Dr Rachel Mash as well as the Youth Worker from the Diocese of Matlosane,Kgowe Moleme.


Bino challenged the young people to become active citizens by taking part in environmental or social justice projects. The winner of this competition will be presented at provincial Synod next year. More information can be found on xxx

Rev Rachel challenged them in three areas : to save water, to reduce, reuse recycle and to plant trees.

An exciting competition was held on the theme of “reuse” whereby two teams had to dress up their leader in newspaper and plastic bin bags. The winner was chairperson Simelela  , decided by load clapping!! We were reminded that plastic can stay on this earth for hundreds of year and we do not want the next generation to call us the Plastic People. Rev Mash reminded us that the Earth is the Lord’s and just as we would feel bad if someone threw rubbish in the sanctuary, God feels bad when we throw rubbish in God’s sanctuary  the Earth.

To save water, people were grouped into small groups and had to come up with a list of creative ideas on how to save water.  Winners were rewarded with a green Anglicans sticker for their prayer book

The chair of the ASF of the Free State explained the importance of tree planting in  Lesotho and how important it is to stop environmental degradation and the formation of more dongas.20151211_16044420151211_194652

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