The Diocese of Matlosane to launch Archdeaconry Eco-Teams

Matlosane Diocese goes green… It all began at a 5-days clergy Eco-Retreat held at Ramosa Nature Reserve in Zeerust. It was conducted by the Rev. Dr. Rachel Mash, ACSA Provincial Coordinator for Environmental Network and culminated at the well-attended Conference which  mapped a way forward for the Diocese.

The Conference opened with a Eucharist using the materials from the Season of Creation. The sermon was on the topic “let there be no waste”. We were reminded that the Earth is the Lord’s and we sadden God’s heart when we fill the Earth with our litter and waste

The presentation showed us the effects of climate change and global warming. Many of the people attending were shocked at the statistics and effects of our wasteful behaviour.

Then the  members divided into their Archdeaconries to draft the 18-months action plans focussing on three areas : Worship, local action , and advocacy. The Archdeacons were all present and will report to Chapter at their quarterly meeting.

In Central archdeaconry, we will start in September with Bible Studies and Green worship from  the Seasons of Creation publications. The Archdeaconry  EcoTeam will be launched in October and we will celebrate St. Francis Day focussing on Biodiversity. All churches in the archdeaconry  will plant trees on Abor Day, clean the environment and plant food gardens…..

Go Matlosane Go Green…
Rev Pule Lekoko

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