The Anglican Students Federation Chaplaincy conference


The Anglican Students Federation hosted their annual chaplaincy conference in Benoni, Gauteng. With “Obedience to God commands” as the theme for the conference, it was important to pay attention to all commandments gave to humans. As spiritual leaders the chaplains really had to look at practical ways of getting the message and the commandments across to students.

Green Anglicans was therefore present during the conference to assist clarify the very first commandment that was given to people to “The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” Gen 2:15.  In that spirit we had a long conversation about relationships between God, people and the land and what it means to our spiritual growth. With a number of theologians in the room the conversation grew deeper on how to engage the young people on care for creation as part a daily thing to do.

After a very engaging deliberation everyone agreed that there needs to be more exposure to environmental activities and creation services, like having outdoor services every now and then. It was also agreed upon to use resources like the seasons of creation as often as possible so that it be a known resource across all universities.

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