The Anglican Church of Southern Africa calls for parishes to install water tanks


The following resolution was passed at the Provincial Synod of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa


This Synod noting that:

1. The Diocese of False Bay at its fourth Session of Diocesan Synod held in 2017, unanimously adopted guidelines regarding Environmental Integrity;

2. Canons 28 of Parish Councils and Canon 29 of Church Wardens include Care for the Environment amongst the functions;

3. The gravity of how modernisation, industrialization and technical advancement have contributed to high levels of land, sea and air pollution and the resultant environmental crises;

4. Our Church as a Province is urgently required to seek solutions to resolve or ease the crises facing us.

Resolves to:

Adopt the following responsible behaviour measures and respectfully request the Archbishop and the Synod of Bishops to ensure its implementation:

1. Every Parish does its very best to invest in rain-water tanks by 2022.

2. Parishes, where possible, establish food gardens;

3. Each Diocese to appoint a Diocesan Environmental Chaplain together with Archdeaconry Chaplains and Parish environmental officers (whilst bearing in mind Resolution 14 of Provincial Synod of 2016 to promote Anglican Youth involvement);

4. To become more and more “paperless” by installing interactive electronic media as enviro-friendly ways to communicate;

5. To aim to have each Parish, cost-permitting, utilising solar energy and borehole water;

6. Bishops, Diocesan Chapters and Finance Boards to investigate the feasibility of the appointment of Diocesan Environmental Officers.

7. Progress of this programme to be reported to next sitting of Provincial Standing


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