Take Action!

Less Plastic for Lent
April 13th
Take Action!
Individual actions are important, but the most important is to join the dots and to push businesses to reduce single use plastics, and to get politicians to ban them
It is going to take small and large commitments to tackle the enormous plastic crisis and every action sends a message to the industry that they must change. We cannot allow products that we use for seconds to pollute the earth for centuries.
Here are some actions you can take
1. Show a film about plastic. Eg A plastic tide: https://news.sky.com/video/special-report-plastic-pollution-in-our-oceans-10742377
Smog of the sea https://www.thesmogofthesea.com/
From the waste up : https://vimeo.com/ondemand/plasticfree
Blue Planet https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7579782/?ref_=ttep_ep7
2. Write to the newspaper:
Placing a letter to the editor in your local newspaper can be an effective way to share knowledge with other people in your region or to call a particular notable aspect of an issue to people’s attention. Here are some tips! • Start with the local press. You are more likely to see your letter published in the local press than national so identifying a popular local or regional paper would be a good place to start. Consult the website for the requirements on submitting a letter before you proceed.
3. Put pressure on your local supermarket
You could send the manager or CEO an email, hand deliver a letter to the store manager or the company’s headquarters, set up a meeting with the manager or a company executive, send them a message through social media by tagging them, or if they are not receptive to your request, you could increase the pressure on them by starting a petition or visiting a store to take direct action. What do we want supermarkets to do? . Phase out single-use plastic packaging (eg. plastic bags, products like plastic bottles, sachets, etc)

For lots of other idea of actions look at Green Peace’s Million acts of Blue

Call for a Plastic-Free Future

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