St Margarets Eco Fair


St Margaret’s Church in Parow, Diocese of Cape Town organized an Eco-Fair on the theme of Eco-justice.

The Environmental Action Group  had a wonderful programme of talks and activities.

As Cape Town is in the depth of the worst drought in decades, the focus was on practical actions. The day started with a demonstration of a water less Eco car wash. To double up the effect, the car to be washed was a LEAF fully electric car which raised a lot of interest!

Rev Rachel Mash, Anglican Environmental Coordinator challenged us about the realities of the water shortage as well as reminding us of the sacredness of water – we are baptized into the family of God through water and receive wine and water in our Eucharist.

The party grew bigger with the arrival of the youth and they were brilliant with their performance of the skit and dance.

Let us all try to use less than 87 litres of water per day



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