Single use plastic v jobs


The Anglican Students Federation Western Cape, hosted their annual regional conference from the 3rd to the 5Th of May 2019.  Following the epidemic of plastic waste the students were more than keen to expand their creation care knowledge and their focus of interest was the impact of plastic in the environment, its dangers and how it could be the thing of the past.

Ncumisa Magadla facilitated an interactive discussion.

Their host parish Holy Cross Nyanga was the perfect place for them to begin the educational journey. Placed in a township of people who are completely unaware of the negative impact plastic has on the environment and it being an easily accessible tool to carry their groceries, the community needed the students to transfer the knowledge to them.  Beginning with the congregants of the parish learning, the hope is that the word will spread.

Discussing common uses of plastic, the main issue was the price of the reusable bag compared to a “single use plastic”, suggestions were it is not really single use as most people recycle plastic bags and make bin bags out of them and some even go far as arts and crafts. To the person relying on those plastic bottles to sell her/his “ginger beer” a common business in the townships, what do they do if plastic is banned, wouldn’t that increase unemployment.  The conversation shifted them figuring out alternatives and the students promised that they will take it upon them to come spend some time doing research on how plastic can be completely taken out of people’s lives in a way that won’t be taking bread out their mouths.  They also stressed on the need for the church to prioritise environmental ministry.

Report and photos – Ncumisa Magadla

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