Shop Challenge

Sometimes we feel like we are powerless to bring about change, but because we are consumers, we do have a lot of power. 

Start with your local supermarket and get a few other neighbours involved. What products do you want to see in the shop that are not there (eg. a plastic free aisle, ‘naked’ veggies, alternatives to plastic bags/no plastic bags).

Then ask to speak to the manager and explain why this is important to you. Follow up with letters and emails, you can let them know that you are willing to take your shopping and fellow customers elsewhere if you don’t see change.

Then look at the companies who are producing certain products. Why is their packaging non-recyclable? Use social media to name and shame, you can post a complaint on Facebook or Twitter and tag the company.

Especially if you see a container or bag lying by the river or beach, you can take a photo, post to your social media, and tag the company that produces it.

Tearfund have got a great campaign challenging some of the worst offenders such as Coca Cola called the Rubbish Campaign, check them out here:

We can all make a difference!
A five year old called Ava was so upset when she heard about turtles being hurt when straws went up their noses that she wrote to pizza hut express and asked them to stop selling straws that hurt animals. They were so touched that they decided to stop using plastic straws… If Ava can do it. so can we!

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