Refilling from the Spiritual Well

The Anglican Youth Fellowship(AYF) of Saldanha Bay Diocese went on a Spiritual hike starting from Constantia Nek to Kirstenbosch gardens . It was a very reviving and rejuvenating experience from a spiritual perspective. Since Covid-19 and Lock down in 2020 things have been different and challenges which came with the Lockdown has caused tension and stress as s result most people have not been going to church as per normal to they used to nor participating in church activities. The hike rather brought hope and motivation to this group of young people as they found an opportunity to sit and reflect on the past events and life in general. The worshiping during hike has rekindled their spark as some worship though a singing.

AYF is very grateful to Green Anglicans and thanks Niel Adams and Bino for leading the hike. We got to experience some peace and tranquility! The hike was fantastic and the view, the scenery is breathtakingly beautiful! The trail was much easier than expected. Absolutely awesome hike with spectacular views all round in the mountain to the waterfall the sound from different creatures in one space .
Even though Cape Town is at the peak of summer (with very little rainfall ), the waterfall from the mountain peak remain following creating a beautiful sounds of flowing water allowing one to connect and reflect on their spiritual journey and refilling one’s spirituality after a long dry season of Covid-19 restrictions and lockdown . We have instilled a lesson from Niel that “What happens to me, I have no control over it. What happens through me, I have full control of it”. Vuka mosha

By Yanga (Diocesan AYF Chairperson

With Appreciation for the support of WWF South Africa

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