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We have to do something about food waste, it is wrong to let food go to waste when there are so many hungry people. Many of us are guilty of letting food go to waste, we buy our fruit, veg and other products, and then busy lifestyles prevent us from cooking it and bruised, or rotting food is thrown away. And this is when an estimated 12 million South Africans go to bed hungry every night.

Restaurants and food producers also discard surplus food that is still edible. Some restaurant chains and stores are reluctant to donate unused food to staff members or people in need.

We have to do better!

It is important that what we give, we give with dignity. If you have left over food, or food in your cupboards that you won’t use before the best before date, package it nicely, make sure it looks nice and clean and put it in a package for those in need who may pass your gate.

Please be careful that spoiled food may make people sick, so be wary of meat or dairy products if it is a hot day.

Connect with a local charity of soup kitchen.
You can donate veggies that are looking old to soup kitchens where they can be well used and appreciated.

Consider the hungry when you do your food shop.
When you are buying for your family, look at those special offers and ‘two for the price of ones’ or bulk buying offers and purchase extras to give away.

What else can we do to reduce food waste and give to those in need? Let us share our ideas and suggestions in the comments section.

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