Life on Land

“The Mountains and the hills will burst into song before you”

Isaiah 55: 12

Today we will consider Sustainable Development Goal 15 – Life of Land

When we think of our Genesis 1:28 responsibility to take care of God’s creation, we do well to think of the entire earth biodome as our home. We live in a delicately interconnected ecosystem that was specifically created and finely tuned by God to support life.

Read through Psalm 104 and reflect on the eco-system that is described there – the springs, the grass, the trees, the birds, animals wild and domesticated and the humans as part of this great web of life. And all of this life is fed by the living waters, the streams and the groundwater gushing up and the wonders of the sea, teeming with life. And all creatures are fed.

The last verse of the Psalm comes as a shock when the Psalmist condemns the wicked, wishing all sinners would vanish from the face of the earth. In the context of the great song of nature, there is a strong implication here that it is in fact those who mistreat the good creation of God that are the wicked sinners being referred to.

In contrast, those of us who live in Christ Jesus, who have been freed from the consequences of sin and death, should be at the forefront of caring for all living things within our domains.

When you send your Spirit, they are created, and you renew the face of the ground. (v30)

God is not only creator but also recreator, and we know that we are called to work in the power of the Spirit for the renewal of Creation.

What can you do to help renew creation?
Plant a tree. Make sure that it is indigenous and water wise. Commit to watering it for the next two years.
Share your suggestions in the comments below!


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