Serving God in the sanctuary of the Earth – Altar servers in Action

Serving God in the sanctuary of the Earth – altar servers in action

The altar servers from the Diocese of Lesotho held their annual conference at St Cyprians in Butha Buthe. They came out in their numbers and over 200 attended this exciting event!

One of the diocesan executive members whom attended the Care for Creation Boot camp in 2018 , invited the Provincial Green Anglicans office to come share more on how to make Alter Servers earth keepers.

During the Green Anglicans slot each region had to act out on how humans are  harming God’s   creation and also show the corrective measures how we can reverse our action and become more eco-friendly . During that play one could witness a sense of awareness amongst the group and also the knowledge of corrective measures, the only challenge was that, We keep waiting on some else to lead the struggle with all the good ideas we have.

The conference didn’t just end there but the 219 attendees went on a spiritual hike to the cave where King Moshoeshoe  would hide during war time before heading of to Thaba Bosiu.
Now because servers understand that cleanliness is next to Godliness the group not only cleaned the church but the entire St. Cyprian’s high school area showing that God’s sanctuary is in His Creation.

It is time to “be the change you want to see in the world”

Bino Makalanyane

Photo by: Ms Bile Sehloho & Ms. Boithatelo Kopano

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