Season of Creation on the Khalinyanga Mountain

As Green Anglicans, in celebration of Season of Creation which we celebrated on the 3rd of September 2022, we had hiking at Khalinyanga Mountain, eNgcobo. We chose to climb the mountain where our help will come from, where we would surrender all and let God to be in control of our predicaments and give us strength to be altruistic when it comes to Mother Earth and nature. In accord with the theme “ listen to the voice of creation”, in the middle of the mountain we assembled and prayed for climate change, our communities, the poor, livelihoods affected by habitat distraction and primarily prayed for Mother Earth. As we all climbed we had our burdens, we also individually prayed for ourselves.     We headed to the top of the Mountain, where we had Eucharist Service executed by AYSA chaplain Rev.Msengana in assistance of Rev. N. Mlunguza. Upon the Anglicans we had in our hike, we had children and youth ministry leaders belonging to Mother’s Union, BMMG and St Mary Magdalene. We also had more clergy and people belonging in other religious structures who are not within the Anglican Church. Mrs. Stemele the ward Councilor was also there to share words of wisdom and encouragement before we departed from the meeting point. Mercifully, we had an Environmental Science graduate from our Diocese, who emboldened us to precisely look out of nature, she shared some significance of doing so, that:  It is where we get our resources  It is our moral of obligation  It is a way to give back, as almost everything we get it from nature.  We have to take care of it for future generations  What we do to nature affects ourselves so we have to look after it.  
She also encouraged us to consider going for environmental studies as we will not be doing for only ourselves but also for Mother Earth. 
by:  Anglican Youth of Southern Africa, Diocese of Mbhashe Balekile Anesipho, Secretary photo credit: khanyiso mkhabile 

With Appreciation for the @unitedthankoffering 

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