Saturday March 7

Car Pool! Find a group to go to church with and some office mates that are close by or on the way


 “And the Samaritan put him on his own beast, and brought him to an inn and took care of him.”… Luke 10:44

We have got into the habit of travelling alone, one person in a car. This makes no sense in terms of saving petrol, money and the planet..

Here are some ways to reduce your petrol costs and your carbon footprint

  • Find a friend. For those regular trips can you car pool? If you don’t know anyone from your area who works in the same part of town, then try websites like Lift Shares 
  • Check out your public transport options. It might not work every time, but use it when it does.
  • Combine your trip with another.
  • what about your bike! Get in shape too
  • couple of km? walk
  • Phone ahead – avoid that unnecessary journey by phoning ahead to see if the article you want is in stock
  • Think it through – do you need to do this trip at all
  • Telecommute – will they allow you to work from home from time to time?
  • Skype your meetings! Is it really necessary to travel for that meeting or can you connect on skype?
  • buy on the internet.
  • Use Uber rather than a sedan taxi company. This is a web based taxi company that connects you with the driver closest to you so they don’t travel great distances to come and get you. usually cheaper too!

Find out what Uber is?

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