Resolutions at K&K Archdeconary Family weekend

Soil pollution

It is defined as the presence of toxic chemical (e.g. fertilizing)

What Causes Soil Pollution?

  • Foundry activities and Manufacturing process (e.g. the possible dispersion of contaminants in the environment)
  • Accidental spills and leaks (e.g. leaks and spills of chemicals on the ground cause damage to the soil)
  • Mining Activities (crushing and processing of raw materials, for instance heavy metals (e.g. iron are)
  • Agricultural activities (the diffusion of herbicides, pesticides, inseofficides and fertilizers
  • Transportation Activities (releasing toxic vehicle emissions)
  • Chemical waste activities( illegal or accidental dumping)

How do we reduce?

  • Awareness campaign
  • Billboards for information
  • Organic farming
  • Workshops on dangers to the soil
    Endanger of Soil Pollution

Affects :

  • Animals – They Die
  • Health of the People
  • Plants won’t grow

Air Pollution

  • Smoke
  • Heat
  • Wind
  • Burning fossils
  • Farming chemicals


  • Reducing energy consumptions
  • The use of electricity (less electricity)

Action plan

Raise awareness causes about air pollution, Teach people to keep our environment clean Gods creation.

Causes of soil pollution

  • Improper disposal of waste
  • Household waste e.g. Baby diapers, plastics, bottle
  • Industrial activities
  • Mining wastes such as oil, harmful chemicals
  • Agricultural activities
  • Fertilisers, Pesticides
  • Impacts of Soil pollution
  • Dumping of land
  • Health problems for consumers
  • How to control combat soil pollution
  • Usage of environmental friendly fertilisers as domestic animal dumping’s
  • Educating of levies on industries

Water Pollution

Definition: is the contamination of water bodies (e.g. lakes, rivers)

Causes: Chemical pollution from industries, mines, etc

  • Inadequate sewer age collection a treatment
  • Increasing in pertilizers to grow
  • Animal death


  • Animal death
  • Ecosystem
  • Human health


  • Decrease of fertilizing and its usage by farmers
  • Recycle water
  • Refine of chemical contamination

Causes of water pollution

  • Throwing rubbish into the water, e.g. tins, papers and plastics
  • Pollutions from sewerage enters ground water of rivers
  • Business chemical (e.g. miners
  • Spilling of oil from ships
  • Dead animals
  • Detergents into water, washing

Management /how to reduce

  • Water programs – people to be educated about pollution campaigns
  • Avoid using gabbage disposal
  • Stop washing at dams rivers etc rather use basins, washing
  • Minimize the use of pesticides and fertilizing rather make your use compost


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