Rain Water Harvesting in Swaziland

The Diocese of Swaziland through assistance from its companions has embarked on rain water harvesting in two rural communities vulnerable to drought due to climate change. The project is a people cantered adaptation whereby the community is leading the project under the technical assistance of the Diocese of Swaziland. The Lubombo Parish in Maphungwane and Nhlangano Parish in Mbava are the benefited communities.

Noting the shortage and scarcity of water in these communities, 30 000L storing capacity (Jojo tanks; 10 000Leach) and conveyance system has been installed in this communities. The Diocese of Swaziland has involved the community to benefit (not only Anglicans) to install the system after provision of material and take ownership of the project. Both projects are within Anglican Church premises but they will benefit the surrounding communities.

The community will come and fetch water in the church during raining season as harvested from rooftop rain water. The community of Mbava has planned to have a scheme where they will raise funds to hire a tanker to refill their tanks in dry seasons. The Mbava community has planned to expand the project by

starting a vegetable production project in the back yard of the church. We hope the rainwater harvesting


will be of help to the parishes and can be duplicated in other parishes.

-Mncedisi Masuku


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