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Anglican Youth Gather in Sada for 2nd bio Conference of Ukhahlamba


The Diocesan Youth Guild of Khahlamba Diocese hosted their 2nd elective conference at Sada from the 26-28th of June. For young people, this was a very successful event as there were over 300 young people who attended the conference, including youth guilders from our neighboring dioceses (AYSA-Mthatha, AYF-Mbashe, DYG- Khahlamba). The young people had identified a place which was in need of assistance, financially and in many ways. We had then visited the orphanage home and we were very overwhelmed and happy to see how we managed to leave a special mark in the lives and hearts of the orphans and their guardians. We were blessed by the presence of  the Bishop of Khahlamba, Bishop M.E. Tisani and fifteen clergy including our chaplains.The Provincial Chair Bino Makhalanayane was also present with his executive.


Lwandile Bada from The Green Anglicans, made an impact in changing our perspectives towards caring for our environment, with his presentation . The presentation started with an ice breaker called “Frontliner” (about how our daily life affects our tomorrow). he then dropped litter in the sanctuary and asked Bishop Mazwi how would feel if ever went to parish for Confirmation  and found it like that. The Bishop said “ very sad and disappointed” which exactly the  way God feels when  we mistreat our planet. We were created to take of mother nature so that she will take care of us.

It was interesting to note that the majority of delegates didn’t know there were environmental days in our lectionaries. We were blessed by input from Bongs White and Mpumelelo Mtikiti from Mthatha who  shared how they have done environmental services in their Diocese. They also shared ways of convincing Parish Councils and rectors! It was interesting and very funny during elections when Bishop Mazwi saw a  young person throwing paper in the church “Pick it up GREEN ANGLICANS, GREEN ANGLICANS!!! he yelled!”  He also  changed  the theme and scripture readings of the last day of the conference which he was celebrant and linked it to creation. He taught us how we should always be thankful whenever we called are called to serve in leadership because from day one  we were created to serve.


A special thank you must go to the guilders for the commitment and effort you put into our guild “Hehaaaake Mngqusho”, Keep it up guys. Siphethe iAgenda yeZulu indeed. – Zizipho Dinga (Proudly Young Green Anglican Ukhahlamba)





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