Protect, preserv and cherish

Protect, Preserve and Cherish

The Youth of the parish off St Luke’s  (Woodlands Pietermaritzburg) celebrated World Environment Day by planting trees, having discussion about environment and playing games of picking up litter on the 9th June 2018. The theme for the day –  Protect, Preserve and Cherish (Romans 1:19-20) is what drove their enthusiasm. They divided the kids into groups of 4 and each group needed to go into the community and pick up litter. A tree was sponsored and Planted, they named it ST LUKE YOUTH TREE OF LIFE 2018 and had a plaque made.

Then they had an OBSTACLE TEAM BUILDING COURSE with 12 stages. That was really fun. After was all was said and done a braai was enjoyed. Dr. Eric joined with Fr. Lindo donating ice cream. Then was ttime to cleaned up, RECAPand close in prayer.

Mandisa Gumada

Diocesan Yo uth coordinator



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