Preschoolers going wild for Creation in Swaziland


The Diocese of Swaziland partnered with the Swaziland Environmental Authority and Green Anglicans to run a workshop for Pre-school teachers using the manual : Ryan the Rhino- Caring for Creation.

The teachers were excited and have implemented lots of the ideas from the manual as well as new ones. Here is some news from Paradise Pre-school:

Teacher Bongiwe Dlamini shares

“With the help of the book and what was trained in the workshop and our innovations we had taught different environmental topics to our pupils. We had come up with waste management practices where we encourage waste point source separation and re-use of the waste generated.

We have made sound letters using card boxes, skipping ropes using plastic, phones from yogurt containers, flowers from sweet papers, Ndebele necklace from toilet rolls, flower pots from yogurt containers. We have involved the pupils in most of the art work, collection of plastics and sweet papers from home and within school.

We promote energy conservation, water harvesting and planting of flowers. We have just started and we are going to introduce even more other environmental topics and practical work. Music and plays has been also used to train our people. The book we use is based on the Bibles so we also use verses to teach our pupils which is good for their spirituality.”

Ryan the Rhino Manual can be found on this link:


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