Observe at the Reserve! – learning about the wetlands

In celebration of World Wetlands Day,  the Water Disciples visited the Rondevlei nature reserve in Zeekoevlei Grassy Park.

On the visit we had the opportunity to visit the Leonard Gill Field Museum and learn about various aspects of the environment and nature conservation including the many animal species within and out of the reserve. More specifically we learnt that the reserve is a wetland and was originally established to conserve the bird life within it.

Not only is the reserve know for the vast bird life but also for the indigenous flora, fauna and other natural features of the area. The most exciting part of the reserve is that it is home to a species of hippopotamus that unfortunately did not show themselves during the visit but definitely made sure we knew they there with a trail of “you know what “ . Zeekoevlei is named from the hippopotamus

My experience at the reserve was both educational and also personal. I learnt that in order to become one with God , I need to become one with what he made including myself,. I need to appreciate, protect and educate what I have been blessed with.

So to the youth: “ live and learn and appreciate what God has blessed you with”

Jamie Plaatjies.. Holy Nativity, Hazendal

We are appreciative of the support of WWF SA for this project

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