#Nuclear must fall , #renewables must rise

mollie nuclearAs a young person of faith , what does nuclear energy mean to me? Understanding Nuclear is not only about understanding these big scientific terms, but it needs to be understood in terms of its effects on communities.

The countries has turned a blind eye to the fact that Nuclear energy is not “clean  energy” due to its hazardous form. Once fuel has been used-it cannot just be disposed of since it is radioactive and dangerous. All the focus is based on profits; governments paint this most beautiful picture of profits that will be gained, and yet if things go wrong either financially or environmentally, then  it becomes the public’s loss.

Think about this: for this country to build nuclear plants it is estimated that it will cost  one trillion rand, this equates to 4 000 times the costs to upgrade President Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla residence or  400 times the shortfall the tertiary education sector will experience in 2016 because of the freeze in university fee increases.

Wouldn’t it be great if more focus could be placed on sustainable methods of energy? To date 72 renewable energy programmes have been started, they have been built on time, within budget and with no backhanded “brown envelopes” being handed over. They also create many more jobs than nuclear power stations.

Let us also think of  health risks and contamination  that are as a result of nuclear, the habitants and inhabitants that are lost in the process.

As a young person of faith  I care for the future of God’s Earth  and the future of my children and I say #Nuclear must fall, #renewables must rise.

Mollie Jankie


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