Monday March 9

Meat Free Monday 
Think twice about taking a bag if your purchase is small, reuse bags and being a cloth bag or bags

Become a bag lady (or gent)


Plastic shopping bags are usually not biodegradable. Even the ‘biodegradable’ ones never completely disappear, they break up into little pieces.

Plastic is made from petroleum

Plastic often ends up in the ocean, killing marine animals or birds who get tangled up in them or swallow them . Watch this video about the impact on baby albatrosses in the middle of the ocean.

The ink used in plastic bags contains cadmium a toxic heavy metal, so when they are incinerated , heavy metals spew into the air.


  • Think twice before taking a bag if your purchase is small. Just hold it in your (wait for it…) hands!
  • All plastic shopping bags are reusable many times. Keep one in your handbag for that unplanned purchase
  • Bring cloth bags when you do your grocery shopping.
  • Buy bags made by community upliftment projects and make a difference!

1 thought on “Monday March 9”

  1. Hi I am loving your posts. Can we have the link to the video about the impact of plastic on baby albatrosses in the middle of the ocean please?
    Thanks and God bless you

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