March 7: Ponder the sacredness of water

We use water in baptism and it is added to wine for the Eucharist.

“Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters”. Gen 1:2

Resource conservation is just one aspect of greening; when we approach it from a faith-based perspective, we consider our role as stewards of natural resources and the sacredness of these resources.

Water is life; it is hydration, habitat, and health. Our faith traditions teach us to revere this resource, to give thanks when it is abundant and to cherish it when it is scarce

Why do we use water in baptism?

The symbolism of water signified the Holy Spirit’s action in Baptism, it becomes the sacramental sign of new birth. Just as our waters broke in our first physical birth, so the  water of Baptism  signifies that our birth into divine life is given to us in the Holy Spirit. As “by one Spirit we were all baptized,” so we are also “made to drink of one Spirit.” (1 Cor 12:13)

Why is water added to the wine during Eucharist?

Water in the wine represents the water that flowed from Jesus’ side on the cross with both blood and water.. much as the church itself was formed and flowed from Jesus’ action. The water also symbolizes our baptism.


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