March 29 -Cycle or Walk to Church Sunday

“whoever says he abides in him ought to walk in the same way in which Jesus walked.”  ~  1 John 2 :6

The people of God are a walking people. At the beginning of time, we find the Lord God walking with Adam and Eve in the cool of the evening. Abraham walked out of Ur.

All of Creation kept the same life-giving pace. Today’s ecological crisis and every doctors room show the consequences for human well-being of living life at inhuman speed.

Before the Jesus Movement became Christianity it was simply “The Way.”

So today choose to walk or cycle to church as part of your spiritual journey instead of jumping on a bus or in the car.

It is widely known that walking is the most natural and healthy of exercises. In many ways the perfect exercise. We virtually all learn to do it as little children. It is our first ticket to freedom, our initial experience of moving forward in life without obstacles or the help of another.

Bottom of Form

On a physical level, walking has enormous benefits. It strengthens the heart. It helps the lungs operate more efficiently. It strengthens the digestive system. Walking boosts the immune system and  reduces stress

On a relationship level, you will pass people on the way that you greet, and you can witness to them that you are on the way  to church.

On the level of nature , you will become aware of the movement of trees, the sound of birds, the buzz of insects.

The journey is worship, not just the destination.

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