March 22 – Go big on shampoo!

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Wash and make yourselves clean. Isaiah 1 v 16

If you are looking to use less plastic in the bathroom, you can look for shampoo in bars, or buy from a zero waste shop and decant into a large container. If you can’t find either of those then bigger is best  – go for the largest container of shampoo or conditioner you can find and often you can find re-fills. Bulk buying is a great way to ease into reducing your plastic consumption. Not only does it cut the total amount of plastic you consume, but also reduces the carbon footprint of shipping the products.

Even better if you can bulk buy from brands that use recycled plastic, and make sure you then recycle the container.

Make your own products

For many products you can make your own, which is better for your health and the health of the planet.

Plastic-free loo roll

Finding recycled toilet paper that doesn’t come in plastic packaging can be tricky. Many supermarkets produce recycled or “eco” toilet paper, but despite the green credentials of the actual product, the irony is that they inevitably come wrapped in single-use plastic.

Make sure you check the packaging in-store to see if recycled (recyclable) or biodegradable packaging is on offer.

If you’re struggling to find a recycled plastic alternative in your local supermarket, here’s another instance where buying in bulk (or the largest size available in the supermarket) can help reduce plastic waste.

Here is a link if you would like to try making some of your own zero waste toiletries!

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