March 20 – Do Not Use the Hosepipe

“Then measure out a jar of water for each day, and drink it at set time” Ezequiel 4 : 11



Hosepipes can be seen as an easy to use equipment in our everyday watering lives, from gardening, washing cars etc. They give convenience and take away the load of having to carry buckets however they have far greater disadvantages as compared to their advantages.

Thousands of litres of water are lost and wasted through using hose pipes daily. Hosepipes use 540 litres of water an hour, about as much as a family of four would use in a day.  Instead of using hosepipes people need to look into using other methods to do activities such as; washing cars, gardening and cleaning pavements. This will prevent water waste/loss and will give the same aesthetic results as using a hosepipe

Things you can do:

  • Use a bucket for washing cars, pavements etc
  • Use grey water to water garden
  • Use a watering can instead of a hose as it uses a fraction of the water supply.

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